Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Billy Pierce Postcard

Right on top of finding that JD McCarthy Pierce postcard I refined my Pierce searches and was able to uncover this on eBay. The listing showed only the front and while the seller called it a 'postcard' I had some doubts. I have seen that photo before and I didn't want to be buying just a 3x5 photo. But a message to the seller produced the info I had hoped for and a shot of the back which you can see here.

I jumped on the B-I-N and am pretty happy to have gone from zero Pierce postcards to two in less than a week. There isn't much of anything on the back of this other than the usual stamp box and such. It looks pretty generic. I suppose there is the possibility of it having been manufactured after Pierce's career. But I've looked at lots and lots of postcards in my time and while I am far from being a qualified 'expert' in things like this, I find the overall look and feel of the card to be vintage.

Either way it's a nice addition to the Pierce binder.


  1. I am really learning to hate you when I see your posts pop up in the blogroll. :)

    That's a sweet image. I would think if it was produced after, it wasn't very long. What you don't see on the back is copyright or manufacturer information printed. Pretty standard on anything produced.