Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random 80's Crap from my Hobby Closet, Pt.6 (Final installment, I think)

Recently I pulled a random box out of my 'hobby closet' and opened it just for the hell of it. I have about a dozen of these boxes, most are the document storage-type things and I haven't looked at them in years. Inside the one I chose I found all sorts of junk I had picked up in the 80's. There is no logic to any of it. I bought whatever struck my fancy back in those days and I saved everything. I found small boxed sets that I had pulled the Orioles out of, commercially produced and team issued postcards, odd ball TCMA trash, unlicensed photo cards, pocket schedules, ticket stubs and much more. While I'm off visiting the Big Apple I thought I'd put up a few posts showing the 'stuff' I once valued so highly. 
Yes, I've gotten down to the bottom of the box of 80's crap and even I'm sick of it. But I had put aside the few 'legit' cards that were contained in it and saved them for this final post.

So, here we go:

1981 Topps Tito Landrum Rookie card. Yes, a couple of other guys share this card but they don't count. Landrum, with one swing of the bat, became a Baltimore folk hero.

A 1963 Topps Rookie Stars card featuring floating heads of, well, Pete Ward I guess. Or maybe Vic Davalillo. Phil Roof played a long time and then was a minor league manager. George Williams dropping in for coffee with the Phils and Colt 45s.

I found this 1982 Fleer Johnny Oates and it was in a hard sleeve for some unknown reason. He was long gone from the Orioles when this card came out.

 OK, now we're talking, a 1977 Kellogg's 3-D Bill Madlock. Interestingly this set doesn't mention Kellogg's anywhere. Never noticed that before.

A 1983 Kellogg's Ozzie Smith. I didn't know his given name is "Osborne Earl Smith". I do now. Pretty poor crop job on the photo, it makes it look like his hat is four sizes too big.

1980 Topps Kiko Garcia card. I saw one of his infrequent homers up in Arlington. He hit it off Fergie Jenkins and the O's squeaked out a 5-4 win. They won it on a single in the top of the ninth by Al Bumbry that scored Garcia. Don 'Full Pack' Stanhouse got the save. In typical fashion he walked the tying run on before ending it with a strikeout.

1971 Orioles World Series Celebration card. Easy to spot Andy Etchebarren, Merv Rettunmund, Mike Cuellar, Boog Powell and Bobby Grich. Don't know who the guy on the left in the straw hat is. Probably a party crasher.

And finally, a Sandy Koufax Baseball Card News advertising card. Yes, it may not be a 'legit' card but it IS Sandy Koufax. And a Brooklyn Dodger era Koufax, to boot.

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