Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Tried, I Really Tried

I tried to ignore the truncated NHL season. I ranted and raved to my sons about how stupid the whole lockout thing was.and how the league continues to shoot itself in the foot, taking one step forward (last years fun season and playoffs) and then several GIANT steps back.

But as soon as it started I found myself peeking at games, searching out online game highlights and reading The Hockey News online stuff. Damn, I had no control.

And I was back. Like a kicked puppy I forgave quickly and began licking my master's hand. It's ingrained in me. I can't ignore the NHL, much as I'd like to and much as logic tells me I should. I've been a fan, for better and often worse, since my first Ranger game in 1960.

It also didn't hurt that, much to my surprise, my NHL Game Center pass auto-renewed and I could once again  watch just about every Ranger game that wasn't on a major network already. Woohoo! Quality time with my iPad while my wife gears up for another Dancing with the Stars season.

Meanwhile my Ryan Callahan man-crush never ends. He's such a gamer.

Let's Go Rangers!!


  1. Welcome home.

    Let me know when you want to talk vintage hockey. I've got all day. :)

    1. Good to be home. ;-)

      I really lack vintage hockey cards. Just a few dozen Rangers cards and a WHL set. Considering how I love the game that's sort of odd I guess. That may be my next adventure.