Saturday, March 30, 2013

Earl's Shirt

I hope you've seen ARGO. If you haven't you have missed out on a terrific film. I watched it again the other  night at home and it was just as great as it was last fall in the theater. I only bring this up because there is a fun, quick moment in it when the character played by Ben Affleck (CIA operative Tony Mendez) and his supervisor are trying to convince CIA bosses that a plan to use a movie film crew 'ruse' would allow them to extract a small group of Americans from Iran during the 79/80 crisis. When questioned about this 'bad plan' Mendez' boss, played by Bryan Cranston says:
"This is the best bad plan we have... by far, sir."
And that quote struck me the other day when I received this eBay-bought Panini National Treasures Earl Weaver uniform swatch card. See, I don't trust any of these companies to use real uniforms, bat pieces, DNA samples or whatever they stick into these type of cards. I just don't. 

I think paying a premium for something I feel to be a dubious authenticity is a bad idea. But seeing how there is a chance that this really IS a piece of an Earl jersey (maybe even a piece of his custom sewn-in cigarette pocket!!), well I might as well go with it on faith.

So here it is, #'d 10 of 25. With one of those 'definitive' pictures of the Earl of Baltimore on the front. What a guy.


  1. Panini is like that, too.

    It's the best bad alternative to Topps we have.

    But they're trying, I guess.

    Bought Argo a could of weeks ago. Haven't watched it yet.

  2. Great card. Since you have a similar taste in cardboard... I might have to trust you and check out this movie too.

  3. Argo is a guaranteed thrilling two hours. Alan Arkin's performance alone is worth the cost of the rental/or purchase.