Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is Nothing Sacred??

So, the Astros and Rangers are 'opening' the season tonite over at Minute Maid Park. My son will be there with his girlfriend to enjoy the game and festivities. But I'd like to see the majors go back to the tradition of having the Reds open the season on a Monday afternoon. It'll never happen, I understand that. But I'm a little tired of TV dictating everything in sports.
So here is my '81 Topps Johnny Bench. Great portrait of a Hall of Fame catcher who saw his share of Opening Day games in Crosley Field (1969 and 1970) and Riverfront Stadium (1971 thru 1981, with a year off due to a slight injury in 1977).
I hope your team makes you happy this year.


  1. At least the Dodgers still give us home opener day games. I love it!

    Gotta miss being in person at this year's opener because of cost restraints, but I'll be watching on TV. Lucky for me I have the day off!

    1. I've got Monday off as well. Unfortunately the O's don't open until Tuesday. :-(