Friday, September 14, 2012

This and That Pt. 1

I've added a few cards recently that have some nostalgic value to me. None of them is very valuable and all came pretty cheap but I had a reason for picking them up.

This is a 1988 Pacific Allie Reynolds. Outside of Joe DiMaggio I believe Reynolds was my Dad's favorite player. He mentioned him to me many times. 

'Superchief' pitched full time for the Indians ('43 thru ''46) and Yanks ('47 thru '54) and finished with a record of 182-107, a 3.30 ERA with 36 shutouts, named to five AL All Star teams and finished second (1953) and third (1951) in MVP voting. He pitched in six World Series for the Yanks, went 7-2 and got a championship ring for all six Series!

I'm happy to have an Allie Reynolds card in my collection, even a 'novelty' card.

Most everyone knows the Jim Abbott story. No need to repeat it here. My admiration for him runs deep. He was an inspiration to someone close to me who overcame a similar disability to play baseball, basketball and tennis.. and play them well. That's a sticker autograph on an unauthorized card but it's a nice sig on a good looking Panini card. I have a bunch of Abbott cards but this one is among my favorites now.

I am a big Nebraska fan, my son being a Husker who is about to finish up there in December. Darin Erstad is their baseball coach and has been a very big monetary supporter of the school. Plus he played for the Astros for awhile. I'm not crazy about the Angels' unis from this era but Donruss put out a pretty cool card here. It's from 1997 and cost me next to nothing. Cheap at twice the price.

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  1. Nice Allie Reynolds card. I like the photos in those old Pacific cards. The card stock was a little thin, but the subjects were nice.