Thursday, September 6, 2012

1984 English's Orioles Discs

I think English's is/was a fried chicken chain that has/had outlets in the Maryland Eastern Shore area as well as down in Ocean City. May or may not be one still in OC.

Anyway they used these discs (lids) as part of their chicken bucket packaging in 1984. The discs came in two sizes (at least) and featured 13 Orioles. The Singleton above is about 7 1/4 inches across while the Murray is just under 8 1/2" in diameter. As with all MLB Players liscenced issues they don't have the team logo on the caps or anywhere else. The player's 1983 stats and a tiny bio blurb flank the photo. I have a complete set that is divided up across both of the different sizes.

These are fairly common on eBay but I found next to nothing as far as background info about these online. Not even one pic turns up in a Google photo search. I did find the checklist and that was how I found that the set is complete at 13.

1 Mike Boddicker
2 Rich Dauer
3 Storm Davis
4 Rick Dempsey
5 Mike Flanagan
6 John Lowenstein
7 Tippy Martinez
8 Scott McGregor
9 Eddie Murray
10 Jim Palmer
11 Cal Ripken
12 Gary Roenicke
13 Ken Singleton

The backs are blank and have a waxy surface. And obviously my scanner hates them.


  1. hey Bob--can you scan/send me the "official" checklist? I'm sending a few to PSA for grading and they may want it.

  2. Probably should include my email: