Monday, September 24, 2012

Chris Stufflestreet, Quite a guy

It's been a busy last seven days and I was away from this place for most of it. Needless to say I was surprised and saddened to read of Chris Stufflestreet's death last week. I'd had some correspondence with Chris through the years as he has been well known in vintage card circles for years. When I began blogging the '59 Topps set Chris was helpful through his voluminous online resources and in answering questions I posed to him. He was always ready to set me straight with a comment or email when I "stuck my foot in it". I really appreciated his thoughtfulness and considered him a friend even though we never met in person. 

On the net Chris seemed to be everywhere. He had a couple of regular baseball card blogs, two music blogs and my favorite Stufflestreet spot... the Vintage Card site which contains a wealth of info on sets going back to the hobby's earliest days.

Chris was not yet 40 and leaves behind a daughter. As others have said far more eloquently on other blogs... RIP, Chris. You'll be missed.

My own little tribute to Chris consists of my posting some vintage cards including three of my collection of '73s and a few others. I'm pretty sure he'd have appreciated them.

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