Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Oddball Price Guide from the 70's.

I came across this 'Price Guide' the other day and picked it up for a song. I have a love/hate relationship with stuff like this, old Becketts, pulp baseball mags with ads for cards, etc. On the one hand they are fun to look at, on the other hand the prices make me ill.
This thing was put out by a company called L-M Promotions. They apparently did price guides for other collectibles. All in about the same format as this one. They were located in Gas City, Indiana. Yes, that's a real town.

The Table of Contents lists the sets covered. They start with the Bowman and Leaf of 1946 and end with the 1976 Topps set. Included, in addition to all the regular issues, are a few special sets of the time including Topps Supers and Standups. 

Next page explains their grading conventions, pricing guidelines and a guide to finding the readers' card values.

This page below and the other several like it are my favorite pages. The guide attempts to give the price for various "stars, super-stars and demand cards". For example the 1955T Sandy Koufax is valued at $3.50. :::sigh:::

There is a small write up for each set, a general pricing for the set and individual commons.

They aslo show the front and back of the regular cards. Looks like they used a really lousy copy machine. Some of the photos are worse than others.

The back of the 1960 Snider is more readable in my scan that it is on the page itself. Weird.

There is one ad page included.

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  1. I saw that on Ebay and was watching it. I too have a love/hate relationship with this type of thing. I love going though them. Yes the prices of yesterday pain me as do some of the ads. It is also refreshing to see ads without email addresses, website urls or twitter hash tags all over them.