Saturday, August 3, 2013

2009 Topps Heritage Dave Trembley

I love how these managers cards are based on the 1960 Topps managers cards, one of my favorite subsets ever.

Dave Trembley managed 20 years in the minors for the Pirates, Padres, Cubs and Orioles systems. He spent almost four seasons managing the Orioles themselves. He coached junior college baseball. He is now the third base coach for the Houston Astros.

My conclusion. He's scene waaaay more than one guy should of crappy baseball, up close and personal. Trembley seems like a very nice man. The Houston Chronicle recently ran a lengthy feature story on him and how he coped with his firing in Baltimore and has tried to help keep the struggling Astros upbeat through the long losing season. Unfortunately the story is behind the pay wall on the Chronicle's actual newspaper site and I can't get to it online.


  1. I've interviewed Trembley (and his mom) a couple times and know his whole history (he once taught inner-city kids in L.A. and had button behind his desk that went right to the police department). I can get you behind that pay wall. :)

  2. Ha! Up until about a month ago I was a subscriber to the Chronicle and had access to that site. But the subscription ran out when my wife retired because it was a payroll deduction thing. I haven't bothered with renewing but I will.

    The story ran in the paper. He does seen like a good dude. I liked him a lot when he managed the O's. Maybe he'll get another shot someplace. He's earned it.