Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'51 Bowman and '56 Topps Billy Pierce

I guess I'll just declare this Billy Pierce Week and post some of my better Pierce cards today and Thursday. My fantasy football draft is Wednesday night and after that I'll be consumed with finding cards of my team.

First up, the '56 Topps. The background shots on this set are one of the most interesting things about them. This card has Pierce breaking out of the batter's box and heading to first, presumably after laying down a bunt. 

The nice portrait of the smiling Pierce and the three cartoons on the reverse are bonuses. This one is my second copy. I picked it up recently to replace one I've had that was pretty beaten up. I don't upgrade many PC cards but I like this one so much, and this copy was so cheap for the condition, that I went ahead with it.

Is there such a thing as a lousy Bowman card? I don't think so. That's Comiskey Field behind our boy on the '51. You can tell by the 'windows'.

The back of the card write-up is pretty cut and dry. Just that facts of Pierce's career are here. But the front of the card overcomes any issues with the back.

Here are a few shots of old Comiskey with the distinctive 'windows visible...

I'm down to a couple of Pierce's cards in my scanned cards folder. They are my autographed ones. Stay tuned and wish me luck in my draft!

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  1. I don't know how your first card looked but he '56 Topps you got to replace the original looks great for such a card.