Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oddball Oriole Stuff #3

Recently Kevin of the Orioles Card 'O' the Day blog was showing off an old school Oriole ruler and asked for readers to chime in with their weirdest Orioles item. I mentioned my Orioles cardboard popcorn 'megaphone' that I got on my first trip to Memorial Stadium. It's pretty cool, but it is also "MIA' at the moment so I can't post it.

But while digging for it I came up with a bunch of crappy stupid oddball Orioles items. Most I had forgotten I had. I found a small stash of these Oriole b
Bar wrappers. I don't recall where the candy bars came from. I don't think I sent off for them. I likely brought them back from a trip to Charm City in the 80s.

One of them had a "7-11" store price tag still attached. As you can tell by the label and ingredients list they were similar to a Nestle Crunch bar. I remember that they had the taste of really cheap chocolate with stale Rice Krispies. Hard to explain but if you've ever had some of those no-name chocolate foil wrapped Easter eggs you know what I'm talking about.

The Seth Brauer Company of New York manufactured these as well as a couple more that I've been able to find. A Milwaukee Brewer Bar and a Cleveland Indians Bar.

Of course the original baseball candy bar of the era was the Reggie Bar which debuted in 1978.

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