Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Dark Side

Yes, that is indeed a Topps Now card of Manny Machado of the Dodgers. I'm not so foolish to spend full price on a TN card...I think $10 is a bit steep for them. But after my first one I found that bulk purchasers have them on eBay at a discount. I think I have about five TNs.

This one comes from a month or so ago when Machado got his 1000th big league hit. It was really my first look at him not in orange and black and it is weird. At this point in my life I no longer worry much about stuff that I can't control or that doesn't affect my family. So a baseball trade, even of a favorite player, just ain't that big a deal.

Having said interest in the baseball races is well...minimal with the Orioles being a non-factor. But as of this a.m., it appears the Dodgers are in the hunt in their division and/or a WC slot. I would really like to see Manny get a ring.

I'm not going to stay up late to wait for west coast scores or go buy a Dodgers cap but when push comes to shove I hope the blue guys can pull out an NL pennant. At that point, I'll do what I usually do when I watch teams that are not 'mine'. I'll let my gut tell me who to root for. I suspect that unless it's the Astros again repping the AL I'd cheer for the Dodgers in a WS if they got that far. Not as loud as Night Owl certainly but cheer for them I will.

Obviously not much to the back of these things. Topps has quite the racket going.... find a pic, slap a few sentences on the back and charge $10.


  1. It is a racket. Usually I get the urge to buy a Topps Now card maybe a couple times a year, often when a new star is acquired such as this. But the design sucks and I've bought nothing.

  2. Even more of a racket is the prices when they find a way to put out a signature or relic card, with numbered variations whose price tags go up into the thousands of dollars. I do usually buy any card featuring the Astros, though, mostly from the eBay bulk flippers.

  3. It's only a racket because people send Topps their money for these (before AND after complaining about it). Makes no sense.

  4. I actually like this design better than last year's design. That doesn't mean I'll be buying any... but figured I'd try to be positive for once ;)