Thursday, March 29, 2018

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

The above is a page from my Billy Pierce binder. I'd say Topps has wrung every bit of juice out of the '52 Pierce. And as silly as it looks I am sure that there are some really iconic cards that Topps has recycled many many more times than this (I'm looking at you 1953 Mantle).

Truth be told there are really only seven Topps issues on that page. Upper left and middle left are two different '#d to 60' of the same signed 2011 Diamond Lineage something or other. I bought two of these because that section of my modern Pierce checklist is a hellish mess of reprints and such. I thought I had it all figured out but apparently not.

Top center and right are also the same card with one autographed by Billy TTM. But luckily for me I have decided (too late) that the only cards I really am concerned with Pierce originals and variations. And to that end I'm posting my 'real' 1952 Topps Billy Pierce.

Like so many cards in the '52 set it's a classicly wonderful card. 


  1. were not kidding. Topps loves to recycle (I've seen Night Owl mention the same thing about the Jackie Robinson card)

    That original Pierce is fantastic. Nothing beats it!

  2. They may all be the same image, but it's still cool to see how many of them that you have autographed.

  3. Pretty cool looking 9-Pocket page.