Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chief Bender Sweet Caporal Pinback and S74 Silk

My Charles Bender collection grew by two non-cardboard pieces recently. I was able to pick up this Sweet Caporal pinback on eBay.  These were produced from 1910-1912 and there were 152 baseball subjects plus a bunch of variations for a total of 209 different pins. They are not in high demand so the prices on most common players are very reasonable. Old Cardboard has the scoop on these. 

The front of mine is in really good shape. The back isn't bad either. The paper insert is intact but off-center. I like these things so much I'm tempted to go after a few more.  

Below is the pic I took of the pin with a dime so you can see the relative size. 

Right after that arrived I won an auction for this S74 Silk from 1909-1910. There were two types of these made available in packages of tobacco. Type 1 is known as the 'white' silks and they came with a paper backing that advertised the brand of tobacco. The Type 2 Silks like mine are referred to as the colored silks and they had no paper backing. More about these beauties is available on the Old Cardboard site

There is no way I'm going to take the silk out of the holder so a bit of the contrast is lost in the scan.

Here is a closer look at the upper portion which displayed the A's classic elephant and the team name.

And here is the lower portion. 

There is a Bender in the Type 1 checklist and I'll track it down at some point. For now I'm happy to have this one.


  1. Dude. You've been on quite the Bender bender as of late. Super awesome stuff! Don't think I've seen either of these items before (or at least I don't remember seeing them).

    P.S. Thanks to your blog, I've really made an effort to track down a T206 (w/trees) for my collection. I'm hoping to grab one by the end of the year.

  2. Beautiful pieces, congrats on the acquisitions!