Saturday, February 7, 2015

1962 Topps Football Bucks Lenny Moore

I've been saving a bunch of Colts stuff I've recently picked up for a 'Things I Missed the First Time' post when I wrap up the Colts' Card History series. But I get enthused when I grab a new-to-me Lenny Moore item.

I think these are cool little oddballs. I like the fact that they included Memorial Stadium on the front. The old skool Colts logo on the back just makes it all the better.

Unlike the Baseball Bucks that Topps issued as a stand alone product in '62 these football versions were inserted into packs of the regular fb cards. So every one has a crease over to the side of the player's portrait. And I come across a lot of them that were mis-cut. Topps mis-cutting a set...imagine that!

There were four Colts in the set. I have the Johnny Unitas and Gino Marchetti in route to me and the Ray Berry is widely available for under $5 so it's just a matter of me finding one with free shipping. BTW the Unitas in on a $10 bill, Berry on a $5 and Marchetti is a $1 note. So the Colts collectively are $21 in 'currency'. That's good to know if someone ever asks.


  1. That is a great idea for an insert. Wish Topps would revive it in one of their football sets.