Friday, February 6, 2015

Panini NFL Stickers

While standing at the checkout counter at Party City buying Mardi Gras beads (don't ask) I spied a box of these 2014 Panini NFL stickers for a buck each so I grabbed two. I don't think I was aware that Panini did football stuff. I know about their soccer stickers. I have quite a few Man U. ones. 

I guess I'm always surprised when I see a major sport product is put out by someone other than Topps because I can never remember which sport Topps has a licence monopoly with. It's all hard to keep straight for me.

So there were seven stickers in each pack. I got about five 'base' stickers and the rest were variations or whatever they should be called. I got a chromey Aaron Rodgers. 

This is what the base stickers look like.

Obviously the stickers are aimed at kids. At least I think so given that both packs had a cartoonish mascot sticker.

Here's one I like. My Texans' helmet on a chrome sparkly background.

I haven't checked but the Hall of Fame stickers are probably only 2014 inductees. If not I'm pissed I got Derrick Brooks instead of John Unitas or maybe Lenny Moore.

Teddy Bridgewater rookie sticker. Investment value? LOL

I didn't know the NFL officially called the London games they play the 'International Series'. That's stupid. But the NFL does a lot of stupid things.

Base cards. Two guys I've had on my fantasy team in the past.

And finally another kiddy mascot.

Well, it's not a total waste of $2. Kids at my school like sports and sticking stuff on binders. These will make a few of them happy.


  1. I usually buy a pack or two of these just to see what they look like, but I never got around to it this year.

    Just to be difficult, I'll ask whether a sticker should have a "Rookie Card" designation... should there be a separate "Rookie Sticker" logo?

    I've never really collected stickers like this, but I believe that the shiny stickers are premiums-of-sort, but not variations. I don't think there are non-shiny versions of the same sticker.

    1. 'Premiums' is the perfect description I couldn't think of last night. I was going to call them 'stickers that are somewhat fancier than the plain ones' but that's kind of unwieldy.

      If they had the album for a buck I'd buy it. I've had a thing for sticker-ish albums since the '61 Topps set of stamps.

  2. In the album each team usually has two pages. One has the basic stickers on it and then the main team page has the team logo sticker and the team leaders or MVPs, which are the spots where those foil stickers go.

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