Thursday, February 19, 2015

Card Show Sig..... Ernest Givins

At the TriStar show this past weekend the usual array of high priced autograph guests were brought in. I'll spare you my rant about the nearly $200 price tag on a Roger Clemens signature but needless to say I didn't pony up for any of them, not even the $35 to be photographed with some skanky fake wrestling bimbo diva.

I did however take advantage of the fact that former Houston Oiler wideout Ernest Givins had a table out among the dealers and was selling photos and such that he was signing. A quick phone app check of my fantasy football database (Dropbox is awesome) showed me that I had Givens on my team three different times. So I walked over, selected a picture and asked him if he'd inscribe it with that info.

He laughed about it and asked me why I had drafted him so often. Then after he'd signed the photo he said "You missed my best seasons!". As I expected he turned out to be a very nice guy. The small fee for his photo and sig made for a much more memorable moment than the time a Hall of Famer whose name I won't mention signed my baseball at a show and then rolled it back across the table to me without looking up.


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    1. Dammit, I need and efficiency with a kitchenette. Can you hook me up?

  2. Great looking 8x10. I never like to pay much for autos . I've been picking up some in person autos from the early 70's Bruins. I try to be one of the last guys in line just so I can sit and talk for a bit.