Saturday, October 11, 2014

O-R-I-O-L-E-S!!!!!!!! Game 5 (I guess I should call it Game 2)

Well it was a tough loss last night for the O's, exciting to be sure but tough to swallow. Looks like we will need EXTRA karma to get into the win column against the pesky Royals. I'm digging out the heavy artillery.

From perhaps the most iconic card set of all time and some of my most cherished cards.....T206 Baltimore Orioles!!!! These guys are looking down from the heavens and directing thunderbolts at Camden Yards. Go Birds!!


  1. Great game last night. These T206's are awesome. I just noticed the different colored backgrounds. They sort of create a Baltimore Orioles rainbow.

  2. The T206 originals are simply beautiful. But I have to say that the new T206 Topps had a couple of years ago were great looking sets too.

    But nothing can go wrong when you have such pretty T206 exemplars.