Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'll Live To Cheer Another Day

Well, with the Orioles out of the playoffs I have some scans that I was planning to post for upcoming games just sitting up on Picasa. But why not post them anyway?

This is a Cal Ripken boxed set that was put out by Upper Deck in 1996. There are 22 cards and they are larger than standard cards, they measure 3.5 x 5. My scans don't do these cards justice at all. They are really great pictures. I believe UD included a card to represent each year of Cal's career and a 'header' card. I chose to scan a representative group because some are pretty similar. There are several batting stance cards, for example, with just different unis being worn.

The cards are slick, glossy and have gold accents. The scan just ruins the black bar across the bottom of each card. That's a shame because these are quality.

I scanned the box including the bottom and the top is what you see above.

A few were horizontal. This is one of the lesser pics in the bunch.

Throwback uni! I wish the O's would wear these '54 duds on Fridays instead of the nasty black ones.

I like this one. Cal's looking cool with the shades, the Orioles usher rocking that cool uniform, the Warehouse in the background.

Classic Cal, as I remember his playing days.

This is the back of a random card in the set. 

The bottom of the box:

I saved my favorite card for last. It's different from the rest and features Cal and Eddie Murray with matching 'bad ass' expressions.


  1. I definitely agree with the O's wearing the '54 unis on Fridays. Hate is too strong word here, but I strongly detest those black tops they wear!

  2. Oversized + Cal = wantlist

    ...especially the Cal & Eddie one!

    I'm indifferent to the black jerseys, but if they're going to continue to wear them at home, they NEED TO stop combining the black jersey with the home (white front panel) batting helmet. That combination looks like crap.

    Actually, they just need to get rid of that home batting helmet... or at least replace it with the design like Cal wore (with the "swoopy" white panel)

  3. It was just a Ripken box? Pretty!
    UD knew how to do it. I think I have a similar card of an insert set of some UD CC set. But the card is normal size.
    That is a true night card. Even the board's lights look like the card has LEDs on it.
    If UD was up to the game these days they would do something along that but for Jeter. But Topps will load next year products with Jeter's cards but aas usually will exaggerate...