Sunday, October 19, 2014

1961 Topps Orioles panel!

When I found this on eBay I grabbed it right away. I'm a huge fan of the 1961 stamp inserts. I like them so much more than the color stamps Topps went to the next year or anything in the 'stamp' category that Topps came up with later.

I think I've linked this thread from Net54Baseball previously but it's a nice resource and look at the history of Topps' use of stamps as inserts and incentives. Of course the author describes these '61s as 'somewhat drab' and that's true but I love the detail of the frame, the use of the picture background and just the overall 'feel' of them.

The Gentile/Estrada panel instantly became my 'top of the line' example of these. Two Orioles on a sigle panel is something I've never owned until now. I'm still in the market for a nice '61 Album but they don't become available very often. One of these days I'll come across one.


  1. They look more like postage stamps than the ones that came after.

  2. I like the 61's much more self also..have never seen the booklets for the 61 or 62 sets. Must be pretty scarce.

  3. 'somewhat drab'

    That is what makes them better than other years.

  4. They were real stamps? Issued by Topps? Didn't know they had such an oddball.
    They look quite nice!