Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm in a hockey kind of mood

My Rangers came back on Monday night. I mean they came from waaaay back. They scored five goals in the third period for a 5-4 win over the Minnesota North Stars Wild. Of course I wasn't watching or listening to the fun game, I was getting my culture on.

This Rod Gilbert is my latest vintage hockey addition. Buying it is like sticking my hand over hot coals. Seeing my favorite Ranger skater wearing the horrendous 'crest' sweater gives me facial tics. But a Gilbert card is a Gilbert card. And this is the last one issued during his career. 1978/79 was Gilbert's final one in uniform. 

He was involved in a contract dispute that season and never got on-track. From making the All Star team in 1977 he went to a two goal, 19 game campaign in 1978. And then he retired. He's worked for the Rangers for many years and is still seen around the Garden frequently.

The Sports Illustrated cover was on my bedroom wall for many years. That's the Gilbert I remember, not the more shaggy late 70s Gilbert. I still have my original mag cover in a binder someplace. It's full of tack holes from my many room and house changes through the years.


  1. Rod is one of the very few cards that I need to upgrade in my 77/78 OPC set. He's off center top to bottom like only OPC can do... still one of my favourite sets despite no rookies to speak of. I just really like the design, front and back.