Monday, December 10, 2012

The Go-To Guy

Yes, my Texans are getting killed. So it's time to make myself feel better by pulling out a couple of cards of Eddie Murray. Eddie always gets me out of my funk.

We see here a thick, shiny gold Eddie Murray with a piece of his uniform inserted. Or so says Upper Deck. I always wondered how reliable these things are. It's kind of a nice card either way. The pic is from his later days with the Birds. He's wearing the mid '90s style duds. The sideburns are by now out of style.

But here is the real deal, a Topps 1981 Murray from his days as a serious bad ass. Eddie poses in the Memorial Stadium home dugout, gazing up at the crowd with an expression that says "You people could never be as cool as I am."

Long live Eddie Murray!!!!

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