Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1957 Topps Art Ditmar

The '57 Topps set is just so great. I'm partial to it to a large extent because it contains the rookie card of Brooks Robinson. But so many of the cards are nice. The Koufax, the flipped negative Hank Aaron, The Ted Williams. Take a stroll over here and see if you don't agree. I bet you have forgotten how cool the '57 set is.

I like that Art Ditmar is wearing white undersleeves for his shot. I think those are against the rules nowadays. Might have been then, too. Ditmar may just have been wearing them before the game on a day he wasn't pitching.

The coloring on this card almost makes it look like a 'night card' but I doubt it is. Probably just how the flash illuminated Ditmar or maybe it was recolored. Hard to say. And Topps included an unusual 'Traded' line on the back. Instead of the standard dry 'Traded to Yankees in April' they fleshed it out with "As this card went to press..." and they used red ink to set it off.

Ditmar is pictured in his A's uni with the Yankees listed as his club. Interestingly one of the players he was traded for, Tom Morgan has been airbrushed into an A's cap. Morgan's Yankee pinstripes are still visible.

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