Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back Home from Nebraska

I've been off with my family watching the graduation of my son from the University of Nebraska. He's the third and final of my kids for finish college and I'm proud of all of them.

They take their Huskers very seriously up there. The football team has sold out Memorial Stadium for over three hundred consecutive games and the womens volleyball team tickets disappear within minutes of going on sale.

On my son's first visit to Lincoln to check it out we sat down at an IHOP for coffee and the 60-ish waitress asked us if we were "in town for the game?" Being that it was a Wednesday in April we were a little puzzled and it showed because she gave us a funny look and remarked that we must not be softball fans. On that same trip we stopped at one of the college bookstores in town and I noticed a display of Husker Spring Game DVDs on the counter. I picked one up to see if it really was what it proported to be and the cashier warned me that they were in short supply because they sell out fast. A DVD of the spring game. Hmmm.

Anyway here are a few of my favorite Nebraska related cards. The one up top is from the 1955 Topps All-American football set which featured notable college players and legends of years past. Bob Reynolds is the only Husker representative.

This one is a 2007 Zak Taylor Press Pass. We met Taylor on that same trip at a reception and he seemed like nice level headed kid. My son fell in love with Lincoln and UNL on that trip and chose to go there over offers from Arizona State, Oklahoma State and others. I think he made the right choice.


  1. congrats to your son and his proud papa!

  2. Thanks. He's overcome a lot and accomplished even more. Really a great kid.