Saturday, December 29, 2012

Or Do They?

I was waxing nostalgic the other day on the merits of the Philly Gum football sets. I went back to find more in my mish-mash box of football cardboard and came across a couple of 'modern' cards I thought were blog worthy.

These are from the 1997 Upper Deck Legends set. For my $$ the Y.A. Tittle card is about as close to 'art' as a football card can get. I mean just look at it. That cliche which says a picture is worth a thousand words? This card embodies that.

Late in a tough game at Yankee Stadium, probably in mid-December, probably against the Packers. It's been dark since halftime and now it's pushing 6 p.m. Tittle comes off the field after a TD toss for the lead to Joe Morrison or maybe Del Shofner. He goes to the bench to warm his hands while Bart Starr takes over and tries to put the Pack back on top. Nobody goes over to talk to Tittle who is lost in thought as the Yankee Stadium lights shine off his helmet. Up in the booth Ray Scott, the best football broadcaster ever, calls the Packer drive as only he could. "Starr..." long pause while the ball travels downfield... "...this is Dowler.....touchdown".

Great card from a really cool set. I have two others, one the John Unitas card below. But I went looking at others online and decided I wanted the set, at least the base set. I don't need the autographed cards or any special inserts, I don't care about any of that. I think the photography of the base cards make it one of the best football sets ever.

I found the base set at a decent price so it's on the way. Meanwhile here is the Johnny U. It's another card that sparks a lot of good memories: the gorgeous Colt unis...Memorial Stadium...those high top shoes... the baseball infield dirt. I can't wait for the whole set to arrive.

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