Sunday, December 23, 2012

Big Day at Reliant Stadium

It wasn't all that long ago I spent my Sundays hoping that the Texans would escape embarrassment on the football field. Sitting up in Section 641 or watching from the couch (when I could stand to watch) I always said I just wanted to get to a point where the Texans were playing meaningful games in December.

Well those days finally arrived last season and now we are at a point where a win today clinches home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Standing (or rather running) in the way is the remarkable Adrian Peterson and his Vikings. They've got playoff intentions themselves and may have even more than the Texans to play for.

I'm letting my sons go to the game. My Nebraska grad hasn't been to a game since last season and he and his brother should have some fun. I'm missing my second consecutive home game. I never thought that would happen but I'm glad my guys will get a chance to be together at a game.

I sure hope they get to see a Texans win!

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