Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wearing 'enemy' gear.

I've always loved this cap. I finally got one and wore it the other day. My Astro fan son was disgusted/bemused claiming he'd never wear a cap that wasn't from one of  'his teams' (Stros and Orioles). I told him when he got to be my age he'd quit worrying about little stuff. He's not convinced. Especially when I showed him my other really cool 'enemy' cap. It's one I've been wanting for ages. Lots of other ChiSox vintage caps were available but I never could find the red bordered logo cap. I finally did and it's sweet.

He really hates the White Sox. He's never gotten over the 2005 Series. And now that I think about it I can't see myself ever wearing a Mets cap. Maybe he has a point.

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