Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2009 Upper Deck Matt Kemp Future Foundations

I have cards in a shoe box (yes, I still keep cards in a shoe box, sue me) that just seemed to appear. I have know idea where they came from. This is one of them. I suspect it was a box break or a card 'draft' that I participated in in the last couple of years.

Anyway in my attempt to become more knowledgeable about the current game I've heard and read a lot about Matt Kemp. Some writers say he's the best player in baseball. I've read a couple of times that he should have won last year's MVP award.

Anyway I'm still new enough to the modern card world that autograph cards are kind of exciting. Even ones that have the autograph on a crookedly applied sticker. So having a card of Matt Kemp with a autograph is pretty cool.

I guess what prompted me to scan and post this is the fact that I've been hearing a lot of Vin Scully lately. Between Sirius radio and MLB.tv I've caught a bunch of games and once the Orioles are done for the night I gravitate to the Dodger broadcast just to hear him. You can tell he's getting up in years but he's still just a pleasure to listen to.

He says a lot of nice things about Matt Kemp, by the way.


  1. Kemp is absolutely awesome and the best thing about it is followers of the Dodgers have heard about his coming talent for several years. It's great to have the expectations filled so perfectly.

    1. The Dodger TV guys just said that only three players since the deadball era have a better batting average on balls in play. The three...

      Ty Cobb
      Tris Speaker
      Rod Carew

      I don't care if that is a geeky stat, that's pretty heady company.

      My my fantasy team buddy Andre Ethier is no slouch this year either. Been a nice surprise, especially after I got laughed at for drafting him.