Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Night Owl Flew In...

...and deposited a few Oriole cards on my window sill. Among them was a sparkly golden Brian Matusz Topps from this year and a Topps 2012 Nick Markakis from the Opening Day set (subset?). The cards are not crooked, but my scanner is.

Stuff I didn't know:
Matusz played for the University of San Diego Toreos. A Toreo is a bullfighter.
Markakis played for Young Harris College which is in Georgia. He played for the Greek Olympic team.

Stuff I did know:
Night Owl is a pretty neat guy, a Dodger fan, and the author of a blog I read every day.

BTW... he also sent along a few cards (a Jeff Ballard! I loved that guy!) from what became my 'transitional period' when I got away from collecting every issued Orioles card and became more of a publications geek. When Upper Deck issued the 1990 Ben McDonald error card right at the peak of both the McDonald and error card hype I let go of the card hobby. The McDonald error, which I always thought was intentional, turned me off. The price was too high for it and, since I decided that I wouldn't be able to complete the '90 Upper Deck Orioles, I might as well not bother with the others. Thus the 1989 team sets are the last complete ones in my orange binders.

Thanks again to Night Owl for thinking of me. After back-to-back poundings at the hands of the Texas Rangers I needed a bit of Oriole karma.

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