Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Dunno What It Is, You Tell Me..... #1

OK, I'll admit it. I'm a big fan of Jennifer Beals. Not the young 'Flashdance' Jennifer Beals, that would be kinda creepy (but I remember thinking she was pretty hot then, too) but the mature adult Jennifer Beals.

In my short tenure as a Facebook user I had my own personal 'meme'. I posted JB pics for every New York Rangers' win or loss. It was a gimmick but I was having fun with it. So were my friends (well, maybe not my wife).

The only Jennifer Beals-related 'card' I've ever found was this French-issued oversized 'card'. Scenes from Flashdance on the front, crew, cast and synopsis on the back. I took enough french to know the card (or more accurately the set I'm guessing)  is entitled Mr. Cinema's Sheets (info 'sheets?), subtitled An Illustrated History of the Modern Cinema.

I'd guess there are plenty of others for many other films but this is the only one I was interested in. As an added bonus, I give you more pictures of the lovely Jennifer Beals.

And, as a point of info... my friend and one time college roommate, Robert Wuhl had one of his first Hollywood appearances in Flashdance. He had a scene or two as a club patron.


  1. I vaguely remember Beals... but can't say I know of any of her current movies or shows. Either way... she's very attractive. Oh... and very cool oversized Flashdance card. Love foreign, oversized oddballs.

    1. Yes, she looks pretty good for 50 I'd say. She'd been out of sight for quite awhile but returned to star in a popular HBO series, The L Word, that I never saw, then had the lead in The Chicago Code a year or so ago. I wasn't crazy about that show but I watched it :::cough::: She's done a few other series' in the last few years (but I rarely watch TV) and she is doing a series now that is broadcast on the 'net.

      She was in The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington which I loved (not many others did I guess) and is worthy of viewing if for no other reason than Gary Oldman's performance (and to see JB of course).