Saturday, January 5, 2013

Three Tough Dudes

I received my 1997 Upper Deck Legends set in the mail and it's just as cool as I thought it would be. Lots of great pictures, some of them I've never seen before. I'll throw a handful up here between now and the Super Bowl. 

One of the things I like about the set is how so many of the the pictures capture the players exactly as I remember them. That's especially the case with the defensive guys. Here are three examples. Three of the great middle linebackers in NFL history. Two Hall of Fame players and another who, at least in my opinion, belongs there.

The Packers' Ray Nitschke was a hitting machine. You might remember him from the original Longest Yard film. Look at this guy. Would run up the middle on him?

I heard some talking head on the tube the other day that Ray Lewis is the best defensive NFL player of all time. He must not remember Mike Singletary. 

Of all the intense guys I've seen at the middle linebacker position, including Nitschke, Singletary and Dick Butkus among others, there may never have been a more single minded and tenacious player than the Colts' Mike "Mad Dog" Curtis. He could play. Really.

This four minute video is a good look at how he played. If nothing else stick with it to the point where Curtis introduces himself the Dolphin fan. LOL It's worth it.