Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orioles Pinbacks

I have blogged about (and likely put people to sleep with) my collection of presidential campaign pins. I've got just about as many sports related pins and a nice display of some of them in my office. Most of them are mass produced pinbacks and buttons and probably not worth scanning and blogging about. But I do have a few that I really love and do have some value, if only sentimental.

The two pinbacks above are of the type fans used to buy at concession stands and at souvenir shops like Manny's Baseball Land in the Bronx. I can't remember where I got these two but it was likely at a long ago memorabilia show.

The bottom one contains the '1970 American League Champs' inscription which leads me to believe it was a World Series souvenir from that year. The top one doesn't have any dating but it so closely resembles the other that it almost has to be from that same time-frame  It had ribbons attached to it identical to those on the other one but they had deteriorated to the put that they crumbled nearly into dust when I took it off my display to scan.

My other treasured items in this vein are my Oriole World Series and All Star Game press pins. I've got those stashed away in a safe place and one day soon I'll pull them out and show them off.