Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1962 Salada Brooks Robinson Coin

Pretty simple item, a Brooks Robinson 'coin' from the 'Salada Tea set' of 1962. These were promo items found in packages of several different products including Salada Tea and Junket custard mix. I have about six of these, all Orioles, with two coming from the similarly designed metal 1963 set. It's a plastic 'coin' with the front picture printed on paper and inserted into the frame. I believe they only come in blue and red and I have no idea if players are available in both colors.

The back has a couple of lines about the set including the fact that "there are 200 coins. Ten from each team". In truth there are 221 coins and the variations up the checklist to over 260. The 1963 set consisted of 63 coins. That info on the reverse side of '62 coins is printed 'in relief', sort of an embossed deal, so it doesn't show up in a scan. The 1963 set had more standard printed backs. There is a bit of info on the sets here (1962) and here (1963).

I'm not sure where I picked this Brooks coin up. I don't think it was something I saved from the days it was issued but I do know that, like Post Cereal/Jello card boxes, I bugged my Mom to buy this stuff. I was surprised to find it is still available. Salada Tea is still around as well.