Monday, January 21, 2013

More Earl Cards, etc.

I dug up some cards of Earl yesterday while watching the NFL. I tried (and failed) to find my old copy of the Earl Weaver Baseball game I had many years ago. I think it was the first program I bought to use on my old Gateway 386 machine. But I know it's the only computer or video game I every played outside a few failed attempts to master EA Sports NHL Hockey '98 on my kids' Nintendo and an occasional game of Pong in a bar.

 If you haven't tired of Earl Weaver obits and memories there is a good write-up by Roy Firestone on the Orioles Hangout blog. And a nice tribute by Richard Justice.

And finally I was easily able to find a shot of the old Earl Weaver Baseball game online. I'm reminded of how little patience I have for games on any platform. I barely remember playing this thing. If it had been called Billy Martin Baseball or Tommy Lasorda Baseball I'd probably never given it a second thought. Anyone else remember when programs were listed as "IBM" compatible?

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