Sunday, April 2, 2017

Five Years Of Five Tool....

...and a momentous birthday!

Five years ago today I began this blog. I'm pretty sure at the time I hadn't realized that April 2nd also marked Billy Pierce's birthday. And today would have been his 90th. He died in July of 2015. I'm glad I was able to correspond with him while he was still able. RIP Billy.

I'm involved in a Twitter 'thing' called the 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge and ironically today's task was to tweet a certified auto of a favorite player. I think I own five Certified sig cards, four Pierce's and the Bobby Locke I pulled from Heritage last month. So I tweeted the Pierce I liked the most. It's the 2002 shown above. Here are the other three:

Other stuff:

I'm a devoted reader of the UniWatch blog. I've seen it referred to on other blogs so I know I'm not alone in this. Today UniWatchers were asked to pick the 'perfect' baseball card. The guest author who did the lede had some criteria, not all of which would sync with mine, but that's the beauty of card and memorabilia collecting. If we all liked the same things it would be a dull day reading though everyone's blogs, no?

It's probably no surprise that my choice would be the 1978 Topps Eddie Murray rookie. I've posted it numerous times. It was the first card I posted, exactly five years ago today. Here it is again, just because. Funny thing...had I not gone looking for the Murray image I never would have realized that this was the date of my first post. The Circle of Life and all that.

And finally I'd like to say thanks to the folks that read and comment here. I know I post a lot of stuff that isn't everyone's 'cup of tea' as it were. But all I can do is follow my own interests and hope someone else enjoys it too.

Most of all I want to say that the absolute best thing about blogging is that I've made so many friends that I otherwise would have missed out on knowing. It's a great community and I'm glad to be a part of it.

BTW...Happy Opening Day!!


  1. I'm glad I stumbled upon your. Blog a few years back. I've also picked up a few Piece cards recently because you've brought them to my attention. Thanks for the regular postings

  2. Happy 5th! Thanks for such a positive anniversary post! Go baseball, go blogging!

  3. Congrats! Always a great read, keep it up!

  4. Congratulations on 5 years Bob! Looking forward to another 5!

  5. Congrats on the anniversary!

  6. Congratulations on making it to five years!

  7. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! That Archives autograph is beautiful! The other cards aren't too shabby either.

  8. Congratulations on the anniversary and of the serendipitous discovery of said anniversary!

    I always enjoy seeing bits of your Billy Pierce collection, even if I don't have any particular affinity for Mr. Pierce. I think I just appreciate someone who's so invested in a player who's not on everybody's wantlist.

  9. Happy anniversary! I may not have known what a blog was when you started, but I'm here and enjoying them now!