Saturday, April 8, 2017

#30DBCC 10 Day Recap

The #Twitter 30 Day BB Card Challenge 'thing' I mentioned previously is also being posted as blog entries by several folks and it works just as well there. Maybe better since blog posts don't have the 140 character restriction.

Anyway I thought I'd recap my first 10 days of my cards here. Why Not?

Here are the original guidelines as posted by Tony of the Off Hiatus blog. Tony got the idea from a music version of the same thing which I tried to follow but failed at.

Some participants have deviated from them to meet their own collecting interests and that makes it even more fun. In a few days when we get to 'A Fave Card from the 2000s' I'll be reeeeally challenged. For several of these I've had a hard time narrowing it down to one to post. For the next couple I'll have trouble coming up with even one. LOL

So here is what I've done so far:

Day One: Current Year Card with a cool photo...I loved the Adam Jones Topps Now card of his homer theft WBC catch. I bought this card but it hasn't arrived yet. I can't tell you who hit this thing or what country AJ was playing against but I thought the picture was awesome.

Day Two..a Multi Player card. I've always liked this '67 card with three Birds..

Day Three..A card from the 1st set I tried to complete. I remember the '62 set as a playground staple at St. Mary's School in Nutley, New Jersey.  We bought nickel packs with money we earned from collecting bottles, swapped doubles, flipped against the school wheelchair ramp, whatever it took. I think I had the whole set eventually. I picked the Mudcat Grant card because it's Mudcat Grant. No better reason needed.

Day Four...Rookie Card of a favorite player...Eddie Murray '78 Topps. Spectacular card.

Day Five...Certified Auto of a favorite player. Billy Pierce Certified Auto checks both boxes.  I have four different CA Billys. I like this one best. My scanner doesn't though.

Day Six... card I spent more that $10 to get...Looking back I believe I missed this challenge. It may be somewhere on Twitter as a reply but my Twitter skills are still Level 1. :::shrug:::

That was a very challenging challenge. I've spent more than $10 on a boatload of cards. I considered many many different ones, my Brooks Robinson rookie for example, but I thought I'd do a non-Oriole for this.

So here is the card I was planning to tweet...1958 Topps All Star Mickey Mantle. I don't recall what I actually spent but it wasn't cheap. This is a card I wanted for a looooong time. I love the '58 All Star design. And Mickey Mantle is simply a baseball icon. Took me forever to find a decent copy at a price i was willing to pay but I nabbed this one in 2012.

BTW...the Koufax card I posted up top was one I seriously considered for a couple different categories. I put it there for fun.

Day Seven...a card I bought in person and the story behind it...1967 Mark Belanger/Bill Dillman high number rookie. I called it my 'First White Whale and you can see the story in my post from four years ago. In a nutshell it was the card that finished my first 'grown-up' card project, collecting all the Orioles from 1954 onward.

Day Eight...A card that reminds me of a family member. This wasn't hard. Almost any card with a nice view of Yankee Stadium reminds me of my Dad and all the good times we had there. I picked the '59 Ford because that was the year of my first  ballgame with him. And Ford was a real favorite of his.

Day Nine...a favorite '50s card. Wow...which to choose? I went with a 1957 Topps Campanella. Can't go wrong with Campy. I considered about two dozen others though.

Day Ten...a favorite '60s card. Now this was crazy...Tony and I independently chose THE SAME CARD. Out of all the incredible cards from that decade of sweet sets we both decided to use the 1961 Topps Wes Covington. He posted hours before I did but I promise I hadn't seen it when I posted mine. It's a beauty for sure.

The #30DBCC is now up through Day 11 or 12 for some folks although everyone is on their own timetable. I'll do another recap once I make it through 20 days.


  1. Great stuff, Bob. I love that you have embraced this both on Twitter and here!

  2. I was originally going to do a couple posts like this but I decided to go post for post. Looks like this month will be my first posting every day of the month, now that I've figured out how to schedule a post. A piece of green construction paper layed between the cards and the scanner lid will prevent it from cutting off borders. Check out the "how to make scans look like the cards in hand" in my top bars. I have it in detail there.

  3. Adam stole a homer away from Manny Machado, which made the catch that much more awesome.

    And I'm sure I'll have more to say after I've had time to actually read your post. :-D

    1. Wow... I went and found the story. Pretty neat deal. I still haven't gotten the card from Topps though.

  4. Great cards, one and all. I'm going to have to get that Mudcat Grant, that's one of the best 1962's I remember seeing.

    ...And I realized that I own that 1967 "Champs" card and neglected to feature it when I did my recent post on Brooks Robinson cards I own. Guess I'll have to do a follow-up Frank Robinson post.