Monday, April 17, 2017

A Batman Sketch Card and Not-A-Batman Sketch Card

I added two cards to the 'page fulla Batman sketches' project last week. Or did I? 

First up is one I found on Etsy(?!?) done by artist Alyssa Torres for $12. First of all I don't think I knew about Etsy until I hit the shopping button on Google while doing a search for these things.

One of the best things about this little project is seeing the different takes that artists have on the same subject. Ms Torres (or Alyssa Sketch'd as she signs her work) had this on the page for this card:
The Bat. Looking over his city, plotting the best way to take down the scourge of of Gotham.
Batman is my favorite hero. Yeah, he's rich but he's super intelligent and incredibly clever. And he's always 15 steps ahead of everyone. Batman always wins.

As with a lot of these the ink or paint bleeds to the back.

This next card is done by David Lee (not the hoops David Lee nor the BALTIMORE Colts punter I'm assuming) and it's spectacular. Except it's a print, not a sketch card. A "Limited Edition Print" but a print none the less.

I knew it when I read the listing so I don't feel like I was misled. But I sure was disappointed when I read it because nabbing an original work that was this nice would have been pretty cool.

So only the first of these two will be going into the binder page although the Lee print card will have a spot in the Batman binder as well.

More Batman sketches popped up recently and I have one in transit, one mysteriously hung up at a postal facility somewhere in Houston and bids in on two others.

Running total...Five of nine batman sketch cards acquired, $39 dollars spent. I need to pick up four more with the $36 remaining under my 'cap' to hit my target. Gonna be close.


  1. I've gotten some "prints" of sketch cards. I try to only get true sketch cards but if I like the subject and the price is right. Why not?

  2. That David Lee print is fantastic. Gotta wonder how much he wants for the original.