Thursday, April 27, 2017

Closing In On A Full Page

There was an odd twist to this Batman sketch card arriving in my mailbox. It began when I found a listing for a custom sketch card on eBay. The artist, Nick Hernandez, offers to do a card for you for $12. He had a bunch of his work in the photo in the listing and I really liked what I saw. Here is the picture:

I ordered a card and sent a note as requested asking him to draw a Batman card similar tot he one in the picture with a different background. As promised he drew the card and sent it quickly and sent a note that he had mailed it. I waited almost a week and I got a second note from him saying that he had checked and that USPS Tracking showed the package being held at a postal facility in west Houston and had it marked as 'indefinite delay'. Sure enough he was right.

Neither Nick nor I had ever encountered something like this before. He immediately offered to re-do the card and send it if I wasn't willing to wait. But I have faith in the USPS so I figured I could wait a couple more days. Finally after the package sitting in limbo for another five days I checked and saw it was out for delivery. It came that afternoon.

I'd say it was worth the wait. This one brings me to six of nine and a total of $51 spent towards my mythical $75 budget. I'll have to average $8 a card from here on out to hit my goal.

As for the 'delay', well my brother-in-law, a long time postal worker said it could have been a problem with the label or a postal inspector randomly pulling it for a closer look. I dunno but I'm glad it showed. I'd have hated to miss out on this one.


  1. I was just looking at his auction listings the other day. Thinking about requesting a couple of sketches for my main character collections. It's good to hear that he's a stand-up guy.

  2. Cool card, cool story, cool price cool dude, cool that the card finally came.

  3. Very cool! Awesome to be able to have a sketch created just for this project.

  4. Nice! I've got that guy on my watchlist. Also, I need the work, so I can do a cheap Batman sketch card for you page if you want.

    1. That would be great.
      You can email me at
      commishbob at g mail dot com

  5. looks fantastic! I'll probably grab an Archer sketch from him at some point.

  6. I like this guy's style. That Battle of the Planets sketch is super cool... but I think your cityscape background is the best of the bunch.