Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hey, I'm posting baseball!!

I've been concentrating on football lately and hadn't picked up any new baseball items in awhile. That changed with a PWE from mark Hoyle yesterday. He saved me from having to dig into my closet for something baseball-ish to post by sending me some Orioles items and here are the highlights.

First up, Leaf-Donruss All Star Stand-ups, a Murray and a Ripken. These are 'tall boy' sized and amazingly they are an Orioles related 80's item I didn't have before. I didn't scan the back of the Ripken and it's not in front of me now but it's obviously from the set commemorating the 1986 All Star Game in the Astrodome. Cal went 0-4 in that game. From a previous post on that game:

I went with a friend of mine after I had entered a ticket lottery and was able to snag two seats in the right field pavilion. We spent the lead up to the game hanging out at the headquarters hotel, the Houston Hyatt Regency in downtown. We picked up some autographs, crashed a couple of dinners and talked to relief pitcher Don Aase of the Orioles. I had a premonition that he'd get the save and told him so. He laughed and shook my hand. Turns out I was right. He finished the game by getting a dp grounder out of Chris Brown of the Giants.
The Murray come from a season earlier and the AGS in the Metrodome. He went 0-3.

Oversized cards were a big deal in the 80s. Donruss produced a bunch of them including this '86 Murray. This is one of the better designs, too. Or maybe that's just my eye for Eddie Murray badass coolness talking.

Watching Murray play sure was fun. I miss those days. Thanks, Mark. Thanks for kick starting a baseball post in the middle of the dreary Houston January. Spring training isn't all that far away for all you baseball folks.


  1. I picked up a bunch of this Donruss oddball stuff in a lot I purchased for the Bosox cards. The rest went out to everybody else

  2. Those stand-up players look cool!