Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ann Dvorak Postcard

I haven't posted anything from my actresses ephemera lately so I figured, having run off the few regular readers I have with football posts, now would be a good time.

I recently received an offer I couldn't refuse from my cable company and now I actually have some premium movie channels on my set but I still find that with the little TV time I have I still gravitate to AMC and TMC for old movies.

From time to time I'll come across something that features Ms. Dvorak and of course I need to stop and watch because, well..... those eyes.

This circa-1935 postcard is British and of course those fussy souls need to include instructions on their postcards as to which side gets the address and which gets the greeting. The 'First National' inscription on the front is a reference to her 'home' studio.

It's a postcard, it's Ann Dvorak, and I have a three day weekend. All is good.

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  1. love those old time Hollywood cards.... I have a nice stack of actor/actress tobacco cards from 1910-1940ish... every once in awhile I buy a few more... they're cool and relatively cheap.