Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stuff My Kids Collected

These cards made up most of a page in a binder my boys had when they were young. I was pulling these binders apart and tossing most of the junk that was in them away when I decided to scan a few. Just for grins.


A Dodger I've never heard of. No, now that I sound it out I've heard of him. He played for some other team as well though, correct?

 Horace Grant? WTH?

Rainbow uni on a rainbow-ish card. When Sutton beat Jim Palmer on the last day of the 1982 season and ruined Earl Weaver's good-bye party I hated his guts. Now I think it was just his silly hair.

Caminiti had a world of talent.

I never knew one of my sons was a Horace Grant fan. Two cards on the same 9 pocket qualifies you as a fan.

One of my sons says he always read this guy's name as 'Brain' Hunter. My son was never diagnosed as dyslexic and he is a successful urban planner working for Houston so I don't know what to say. They had bunches of these Mother's Cookie cards.

Have I ever mentioned Cammy's incredible tattoos? I think I have.


  1. I realize that it's all a matter of being in markets where Mother's Cookies are sold, but I have to admit that I bristled a little bit at the comment about your sons having "bunches" of Mother's Cookie cards. "I hardly ever see these cards, and these no-good rotten kids had bunches of 'em lying around, grumble grumble grumble"

    "Brain Hunter" sounds like the title of a bad, independently-produced comic book.

    1. LOL There were five of us at the games and my boys claimed the sets my wife, daughter and I had received.

  2. I always liked Horace Grant. I think it was the color-coordinated goggles he wore and his reputation for grabbing up rebounds. He also signed a TTM autograph request for me, which automatically raised his stock in my book.