Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bruno Sammartino card (He's Italian, that's why)

A week or so ago when I posted the bits and pieces of my Italian-born player collection Mark Hoyle suggested I pick up a card of Bruno Sammartino. (Mark and I are likely among the few old enough to recall him). Sammartino was a huge name in 'rasslin' back in the early 60's. And my grandfather in Brooklyn loved almost nothing more than watching Saturday night wrestling shows. Well, maybe the Friday Night Fights (boxing) and Mitch Miller were close). Sammartino was the biggest name in wrestling in the 1960s.

I figured I'd track down a Bruno Sammartino if I didn't have one already. I couldn't find one among my meager assortment of Goodwins and Donruss Americana cards which is where I figured one would be if I had one. After striking out off to eBay I went.

There are a lot of 'signed' Sammartino cards and this one was the cheapest. It's a sticker autograph but it was only a few bucks more than a single from some goofy WWE card so I bought it.

And now I have a Bruno Sammartino card. How good can life get?


  1. Scary!
    I used to love El Matador! Got to cheer up for the latino guy ;)