Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes You Just Get Busy

Fantasy drafts, College and Pro football and some culture are all conspiring to make the next five days or so very busy for me. Since I don't like letting the blog slide I'll be putting up what amount to 'placeholder' entries over the next few days. Just cards and things without out much elaboration. I doubt any of the three people who read this will really care. ;-)

In my oddball binder I've found this 1966 Brooks Robinson 'Rub On' from Topps. We used to decorate our school binders with these things. There is one on eBay that was graded and given a '10' and has an asking price of well over $200. There is one graded as a '9' with an asking price of $23. Funny what a single point can do.


  1. It's funny... Life conspired to keep me from doing much at all related to blogging or my collection for over a week, and in the process of catching up I've found people apologizing that they haven't posted or apologizing that they're about to not have posted, or they just flat out have not posted.

    You are all such nice people for making sure I don't feel singled out. :-D

    ...and I don't know about the other two people, but I'm fine with your plan.

  2. I must be one of the three. I really like these. Have my sox set plus a few other favorites.

  3. I come here and rage about the cool Pierce stuff you get. Then, based on the item, I take the blueprint I have of your house and determine where you may store that piece. I have planned Oct 17th to break into your house and being collecting those specific cards and other pieces for my personal collection.

    Oh geez - I think I said too much.