Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mea Culpa

Things get a bit goofy when school cranks back up and I've been pretty busy. Into the cracks has fallen the post I intended to publish acknowledging the packages sent to me by Ana La and Fugi almost two weeks ago. I'll take care of that oversight right now. And now that I'm looking through the stack of scanned cards that came in these two packages it occurs to me that every card actually fits somewhere into my newly organised binders.

Of course Ana's gifts come from Portugal (which also gifted the world with my grandfather) and are quite a welcome sight.  Here are the highlights:

I think these are the first cards from the '95 UD Collector's Choice set that I own. The '94 baseball strike carried over into '95 and I had quit following the game at that point and certainly didn't collect any cards. 

Mussina, Ripken and Palmeiro all have pages in my Orioles binders. Cal had a lot, Mussina a couple and Palmeiro one or two. I don't hold grudges anymore.

I also keep a big 'Star Player' binder. Into that one will go these two cards of Griffey Jr. I always thought the first time I saw him play was the 1986 All Star Game in Houston. But I went to check and I saw that he didn't make his debut until 1989. So he's come and gone, putting up Hall of Fame numbers, after a game I saw that seems like yesterday to me. I'm really feeling old.

From Fuji out in San Jose came some of this, and some of that.

Several new to me Adam Jones cards. AJ homered last night. He's awesome. And very funny on the post game interviews he does with the O's TV crew.

A Terry Kennedy Stand-up. Off the wall stuff like this has a place in my binders.

A new Brian Roberts card. Like I said, I don't hold grudges. How can anyone be upset with Brian Roberts anyway. He was the only guy worth watching on the Orioles for many years.

I don't collect Beddard but I do collect swatch cards of Orioles.

There were also some Ripkens and some Orioles signed cards. All welcome additions.

Thanks to both Ana and Fuji. This is a great hobby, isn't it? Lot's of good people out there!

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  1. Great you liked it!
    And I found you some cards you didn't have it's a plus, since I'm always afraid that I'll get you some dups.
    Everytime I get O's cards I'll put them apart to you ;)

    PS: Right now I have your envelop ready to be open and check the cards you sent me. Thanks again ;)