Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blogger is making me nuts... and two Pierce items

Man this Blogger thing has thrown me a curve or two. 

Problem One: If you look to the right you can see that my 'Blog Lists' have no headings. I had "My Other Blog" and "I Also Contribute Here" above the '59 and '63 blog links. Those are gone. My "Daily Reading" headings are gone, too. I made a crappy graphic to sub for the heading but it sucks. I've noticed that some other blogs are suffering the same small but annoying malady. Blogger claims to be aware of the issue. 

Problem Two: I have always received emails alerting me to comments left on my posts. For the last week or so those emails have been erratic, at best. This holds true for both my blogs. I have been checking when I think of it but over on my '59 Topps blog I have several knowledgeable commentators who from time to time comment on an old post, adding info or corrections or questions. I have no way to see these with checking through almost 600 posts. Turns out it is Google that is shuffling all my blog related emails into the spam folder. Why this started I don't know. I have recovered them all. 

This is pretty discouraging. But it's not going to stop me from posting, that's for sure. And here we have my two latest Billy Pierce items. Up first is a 1960 O-Pee-Chee Tattoo. I've had this on my checklist for quite awhile. And when I picked it up I thought I was done with Pierce tattoos. No, not quite. As I dug I found that there is another Pierce tattoo in the set. It features his portrait. And not only that, but there are Topps versions of the same items. 

These things are usually pretty expensive but this one came cheap givien it is only one panel from what was a complete gum wrapper. But this is the $$ panel so I'm glad to have it.

I missed out on both versions of the Topps tattoos on eBay Wednesday evening. I got out-sniped by the same buyer on each. I wish I had bid higher as these went pretty cheap (about $10 or $11). I'll keep working on them. One guy is asking $40 or Best Offer for the Topps portrait tattoo. I have a lowball offer on it and am waiting for him to reject it. 

Here is the tattoo next to my other new item just for the sake of size comparison. 

It's the 1989 Swell Gum Baseball Greats Pierce. Pierce is a willing signer and auto'd items don't carry much premium. For that reason I'll bid or buy if something pops up that I need even if it's signed. The picture is a tightly cropped version of a photo that appears on a lot of Pierce cards. 


  1. Bob, I have the same problem with headings on blog lists. I put this work-around on my 1967 blog, and may also do it with the others:

    Add test gadgets above each of your blog lists. Put the heading you want in THAT gadget, and leave the body blank.

    If and when Google ever fixes this, you will see your heading duplicated, telling you it's time to remove the work-around.

    1. Great idea. Now I feel like an idiot for making a cheezy graphic block. LOL

  2. I too wasn't receiving comment notification and had to go into my SPAM folder and unspam everything. I've been dealing with another problem on Blogger. Sometimes my reading list states that I'm not subscribed to any blogs... which is annoying because I have to sit there and keep hitting the reload button on my browser until the list of blogs pop up.

    1. Mark, what do you have as a setting for allowable comments? Under Settings->Comments and Post mine is set to 'anyone'. But it used to be 'registered user'. I'm not sure what that means or what difference it makes. I don't want to exclude legit comments.

    2. I allow "anyone" too. As soon as I marked all of those emails "not spam", the problem was solved (although this might only be a temporary solution).