Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening Day's Eve

The Orioles crank it up tomorrow for real. And I'm ready. I showed off my new car a couple of weeks back. One thing that wasn't installed was a Sirius radio even though I was under the impression there was while I was negotiating the price. There is a long story involved in that and it was almost a deal breaker. But in the end it worked out as I got one installed at no cost. Having the radio service in the car makes it possible for me to get the Sirius internet service at home.

And I love having Sirius at home because I can hear every major league game. I may or may not re-up with MLB.TV so Sirius might be my link to the Orioles and baseball in general this year. I've enjoyed hearing Oriole games and then switching over to the Dodger broadcasts when the O's were done. 

There is something very comforting about hearing the voice of Vin Scully coming out of my table top Sirius box. I'm not even a Dodger fan and I don't really know many of the players that are involved in the broadcasts but hearing Vin Scully doing games makes the world feel right. I hope he's around for awhile longer.

I think this Scully card from the Panini Cooperstown set may be the only card of a broadcaster I've ever sought out and bought. I might have to start another mini collection... My Favorite Broadcasters. That could be fun to put together.

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