Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oddball Orioles Stuff #8

1978 Papa Gino's disc, Jim Palmer version. 1978 Collector Set of baseball discs were given out by Papa Gino's Pizza Restaurants. There are Gino's up around New England according to the website.

40 disks made up the set that year. My scanner hates stuff like this with a passion. It turns them slightly (htf does that ALWAYS happen? LOL) and cuts off left and right edges of the disc. If it was a better piece of memorabilia I'd go back and re-scan it with different settings or in a rigid sleeve to hold the damn things still but that's too much work for a scan of a Papa Gino's disc.

They measure 3 3/8" across. They are MLBPA items so the pics don't show logos on caps and only the city is used, not the team name. How many times have we seen this same Jim Palmer photo used on similar items? There were more Red Sox in the set than any other team which makes sense given the location of Papa Gino's outlets. Here is the checklist:

1    Allen Ripley
2    Jerry Remy
3    Jack Brohamer
4    Butch Hobson
5    Dennis Eckersley
6    Sam Bowen SP
7    Rick Burleson
8    Carl Yastrzemski
9    Bill Lee
10   Bob Montgomery
11   Dick Drago SP
12   Bob Stanley SP
13   Fred Kendall SP
14   Jim Rice SP
15   George Scott
16   Tom Burgmeier
17   Frank Duffy SP
18   Jim Wright
19   Fred Lynn
20   Bob Bailey SP
21   Mike Torrez
22   Bill Campbell SP
23   Luis Tiant
24   Dwight Evans
25   Carlton Fisk
26   Reggie Jackson
27   Thurman Munson
28   Ron Guidry
29   Bruce Bochte
30   Richie Zisk
31   Jim Palmer
32   Mark Fidrych
33   Frank Tanana
34   Buddy Bell
35   Rod Carew
36   George Brett
37   Ralph Garr
38   Larry Hisle
39   Mitchell Page
40   John Mayberry

Allen Ripley? Really? Anyway here is a picture of the whole set from an eBay BIN sale. The set goes for $20 to $25. Knock yourself out.


  1. Yes there ara Papa Gino's all over the Boston area. These are pretty easy to get around here. You can pick up the sox part of the set for 8-10 bucks. Ripley was a local guy who made it.

  2. Very cool. First time I've seen these... might need to find a set for my collection.

    Btw... I always have the same problem with my scanner cutting off parts of cards (especially cards that are diecut/circular). My solution is to put a longer strip on both sides of the card you're scanning and them self crop the card, so it maintains the sides. It's a little more work, but at least part of your card doesn't get chopped off.

  3. I love oddball cards like these. I see three Yankees on the checklist I will have to chase down.