Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ripped From The Headlines

I think is the second Topps Now card I bought this year. A few Fridays ago I was at the Astros-Angels game when Yuli Gurriel hit a pair of homers. At some point, the scoreboard listed the top fantasy point-getters for the baseball day thus far and there were two Gurriels at the top. 

I pointed out to my son what I thought was just an odd coincidence and he informed me that those two Gurriels were, in fact, brothers. Lourdes Gurriel of the Jays had hit two homers and they became the first brothers to do it in the same day. I've always said that the only Topps Now cards that would interest me were those that I had a direct connection to*. This one falls that category.

On a side note...the coolest thing about the game was the fact that we had awesome (and free!!) seats. Oh, and Mike Trout hit a very impressive homer.

I wouldn't normally post one of these but I was intrigued by the back of it. I noticed that Topps puts a hologram (?) of their logo there. I hadn't seen that in previous Topps Now cards and found it an interesting that they would do that. Are these things being forged? If so, why? Seems like it would be a lot of work for not much return. But what do I know?

Note that the top picture, of the front of the card, is a scan. I used my phone to catch the hologram effect in the second picture.

That's all I got. Time to go work through the hotel show spoils.

*=I sometimes end sentences with prepositions. Its just how I roll.


  1. Very cool that you were at the game. That's really the only time I'll go out of my way to track down a Topps Now card. Unfortunately... not much has happened at any of the games I've attended lately.

  2. I have a similar attitude to Topps Now... Unfortunately for Topps there's not much chance of my seeing an event in person when I've only been to one Major League game in the past two years.