Monday, October 15, 2018

Joe DiMaggio and Friends in 5 Minutes?

Five Minute Time Begins.......NOW

OK, I'm not sure who's idea this was and looking it up will waste time but several bloggers are doing the 5 minute post thing so I'll give it a shot. Please don't be a smart ass and comment that most of my post look like I did them in 13 seconds. I already know that.

I've added several postcard sized cards recently. Here are three more.

A Joe DiMaggio Exhibit bought from a Net54 guy. My first career-era Joe D piece.

R314 Goudy Wide Pen of Joe and his manager, Joe McCarthy. My last bio of Joe said he had a rocky relationship with McCarthy.

Chuck Klein R314 came along with the Joe D/McCarthy. A fun addition. I have no good info on Chuck.

I'm prepping for a vacation so this five minute thing is a good idea.

20 seconds left!! I made it!!


  1. He looks ready to dance in the first pic!

  2. I'm impressed that you were able to complete the challenge... but gotta admit the cards in this post definitely steal the show. Have fun on your vacation!